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Università Salerno

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Istituto Europeo di Ricerche Biomediche


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Friday, 6 June






Welcome addresses

Giorgio Merlo & Caterina Missero


Session 1: Molecular mechanisms of development and differentiation


Plenary Lecture

Davide Gabellini (Milan)

Molecular pathogenesis of FSHD muscular dystrophy


Brief Talks

Chairs: D. Gabellini, A. Baldini

Maria Armentano (Turin)

Rac1 Hyper-activation, by knocking-out GTPase-activating-protein ArhGAP15, disrupts proper architecture and functions of cortical and hippocampal circuits

Luisa Cirillo (Naples)

Impaired epidermal differentiation leads to severe skin erosions and a systemic autoimmune disease in AEC syndrome

Gemma Flore (Naples)

Mesodermal expression of Tbx1 is required for cortical development in mice

Filomena Gabriella Fulcoli (Naples)

Rebalancing gene haploinsufficiency in vivo by targeting chromatin

Sara Zribi (Rome)

An imbalanced deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate pool hinders DNA replication in reactivated postmitotic cells

Sharon Muggeo (Milan)

Generation of genetically-corrected induced pluripotent stem cells from osteopetrotic mice and differentiation to the hematopoietic lineage as a cell therapy approach


Coffee break


Session 2: Tissue repair and regenerative medicine


Brief Talks

Chairs: H. Lickert, E. Illingworth

Shikhar Aggarwal (Turin)

Adult human renal papilla CD133+ stem/progenitor cells repair glycerol-induced kidney injury in mice

Monica Dentice (Naples)

The intracellular inactivation of thyroid hormone signaling in muscle stem cells and muscle regeneration

Daniele Conte (Turin)

Wnt5a/JNK pathway is downstream of Dlx5 and can restore normal limb morphogenesis in the mouse model of ectrodactyly Dlx5;Dlx6 double KO

Ombretta Guardiola (Naples)

Towards pharmacological modulation of Cripto in skeletal muscle regeneratioe


Plenary Lecture

Heiko Lickert (Neuherberg, Germany)

Beta cell development and regeneration




Poster Session

Saturday, 7 June


Session 3: Stem cell biology and cancer


Plenary Lecture

Gianvito Martino (Milan)

The role of neural stem cells in brain homeostasis and repair


Brief Talks

Chairs: G. Martino, G. Minchiotti, V. Calautti

Anna Musto (Naples)

Identification of miRNAs mediating the function of BMP4 in pluripotent stem cells

Francesco Neri (Turin)

PRC2 recruits Dnmt3L and Tet1 to maintain the promoter of bivalent genes in the hypomethylated state in embryonic stem cells

Silvia Pellegrini (Milan)

In vitro and in vivo characterization of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC) differentiation into insulin-producing cells

Arianna Petrizzo (Naples)

Drosophila as a model system for the study of stem cell dysfunction caused by X-linked dyskeratosis congenita


Coffee break


Brief Talks

Chairs: C. Blanpain, M. Crescenzi

Maria Prat (Novara)

Isolation and characterization of a spontaneously immortalized multipotent mesenchymal cell line derived from mouse subcutaneous adipose tissue

Mara Maldotti (Turin)

Long intergenic non-coding RNAs involved in cell cycle control

Ivan Colaluca (Milan)

Structure/function analysis of the Numb/Hdm2/p53 circuitry in the perspective of therapeutic applications in cancer


Plenary Lecture

Cedric Blanpain (Brussels, Belgium)

Mechanisms regulating stemness in epithelial cancers


Closing Remarks




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